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Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV)
Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV)
CATIA - Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV) allows rapid and cost effective design of the core and cavity used in mold tooling or manufacturing equipments. This products provides a fast splitting tool that takes a surfacic or solid part and separates it into core and cavity with sliders and loose cores.

CATIA - Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV) is a stand-alone product that determines the ability of a component to be manufactured thanks to technological criteria (Moldability). This product allows also the user to fill up technological holes within the core and cavity surfaces, identify the parting lines and to generate the parting surfaces.

Product Highlights

Core & Cavity Separation workbench: 

  • Import of the Molded Part (Skrinkage operation during the Import operation)
  • Direction management (Add Main Pulling direction, Add Slider direction, Add Axis system)
  • Mold area management (Move faces from a Mold area to an other, Split faces, Add Faces in a Mold area)
  • Extract Parting Line
  • Reflect Line
  • Reference Element (Point, Line, Plane)

Full Design capabilities for Core & Cavity process

- New standard design capabilities in the workbench to make the product self-contained to enable preparation of part for moldability and Core & Cavity design

  • Text with Leader
  • Flag Note
  • Measure
  • Power-Copy

Draft extract

  • Main pulling direction definition based on Draft analysis of the Molded Part
  • Exploded view of the different area : new visualization mode that allows user to separate skins according to their pulling directions (red and green skins). This is a visual method to enhance readability of the moldability of the part.
  • Slider Direction definition based on draft analysis on a given mold area
  • Assisted extraction of the Mold areas
  • Associativity in the definition of the main pulling direction
  • Core & Cavity and undercuts areas are recomputed when you modify the input of main pulling direction

Management of a Mold area

  • Transfer of faces from one area to another.
  • Split of faces into an area
  • Parting line definition

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