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Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK)
Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK)
Perform fluid flow and heat transfer simulations, leading to better quality designs while avoiding manufacturing issues.

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role allows you to:

  • Efficiently explore fluid flow and thermal performance design alternatives to accelerate product innovation
  • Leverage full integration with CAD and PLM for concurrent, simulation-driven product development
  • Easily predict steady-state and long-transient flow and thermal behavior of products with the designer-centric guided interface
  • Automate design exploration with Parametric Design study application
  • Minimize IT overhead using cloud compute options
  • Include local compute up to 16 cores -- with additional compute capacity also available

Included apps

                    Assembly Design                    Fluid Scenario Creation                    Physics Results Explorer
  Converter for IGES   Material Definition   Quality Rules Reuse
  Converter for STEP   Parametric Design Study   Simulation Model Preparation
  Fluid Model Creation   Physics Methods Reuse    

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