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Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA)
Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA)
Dedicated to aesthetical shapes creation for industrial and conceptual design, CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) introduces very new concepts, breaking the traditional approach of surfaces modeling. It could be used in any domains needing quick surface creation, including rapid virtual prototyping, ideas expression and simulations. CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) combines a powerful technology, based on subdivision surfaces, and a simple use, making easy for a non surface specialist to design within a CAD system. CATIA - Imagine & Shape 2 (IMA) is really shaped to leverage in V5 the engineering of emotional content: "From ideas to 3D" becomes then quick and easy for all.

Product Highlights

  • Engineers the emotional content of products
  • Enables more free form alternative design studies, less physical mock-ups
  • One solution, from styling to manufacturing
  • Puts Styling at the heart of PLM

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