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Realistic Shape Optimazer 2 (RSO)
Realistic Shape Optimazer 2 (RSO)
CATIA - REALISTIC SHAPE OPTIMIZER 2 (RSO) completes the design-simulation loop enabling users to easily update nominal CAD shapes into realistic shapes from operation's conditions simulations or measurements. RSO enables to perform the geometric morphing of a nominal shape from any displacement files resulting, for instance, from finite elements analysis, discrete measurements or CAA V5 partners simulations applications. The realistic shapes are then reusable as any other V5 features. Once created, users can exploit those shapes for many purposes as checks product's interferences under loads conditions, or optimizes product's definition based on a comparison between the as-built measurements and initial CAD definition. This proven technology enables both to better assess and enhance the design of products and tooling, and to save time and capitalize knowledge.

Product Highlights

  • Update quickly nominal shapes with under-loads shapes
  • Compares them with your initial design
  • Performs realistic simulation and analysis
  • Benefits from a standard format

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