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Shape Sculptor 2 (DSS)
Shape Sculptor 2 (DSS)
CATIA Shape Sculptor 2 (DSS) provides modeling tools to quickly create, edit, or enhance a shape from a concept or an existing physical model. This new approach of creating aesthetic and conceptual forms allows non-CAD specialists to manipulate and test 3D virtual models. The objective is to enhance the collaboration between design and engineering offices through a fun and easy to use sculpting tool. In this way, CATIA Shape Sculptor 2 (DSS) complements and reinforces the existing CATIA surfacing tools, such as CATIA Freestyle Shaper 2 (FSS) and CATIA Freestyle Sketch Tracer 2 (FSK) particularly in situations where surfacing becomes very complex. It can be used to generate a shape from curves and surfaces, to add details on a model, to sculpt and then copy and paste features from an existing model to another, or to simply work on a polygonal model as obtained from CATIA - Digitized Shape Editor 2 (DSE).

Product Highlights

  • Uniquely supply a fully integrated polygonal modeler in a PLM system
  • Allow to rapidly design new products from a concept
  • Enable quick and precise shape creation through polygonal, curve and surface modeling
  • Complement mechanical design and surfacing tools for advanced surfacing processes
  • Features intuitive and easy to use system that helps free the designer's imagination

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