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Structural Performance Engineer (SFO)
Structural Performance Engineer (SFO)
Assess the structural performance of products in nonlinear static and dynamic environments for informed engineering decisions.

The Structural Performance Engineer role allows you to:

  • Provide product engineers powerful and intuitive tools needed to perform sophisticated structural simulations during the design process
  • Experience efficient “what if” scenarios through seamless associativity/integration with geometry
  • Use a unique engineering workflow with an access to robust simulation technology within an intuitive interface
  • Work with multistep structural scenarios for product performance and quality testing during the product design process
  • Accelerate structural performance simulation with unique automated model creation for large assemblies
  • Enable high performance results visualization, particularly for very large models
  • Include local compute up to 8 cores

Included apps

                    Converter for IGES                    Model Assembly Design                    Structural Model Creation
  Converter for STEP   Physics Methods Reuse    Structural Scenario Creation 
  Material Definition   Physics Results Explorer    

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