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Systems Fluid Power Library (FPZ)
Systems Fluid Power Library (FPZ)
Modeling, simulation and analysis of hydraulic systems.

The Modelica based Fluid Power Library enables the modeling and simulation of hydraulic systems using oil. It addresses the needs of development engineers for designing and finds the right solutions for their hydraulics systems in a multi-disciplinary engineering approach, including control and mechanical models in the same environment. Ready-to-use components enable to rapidly design hydraulic systems and predict their different behaviors, from early concept studies through to detailed control system design and implementation.

  • Automotive and Motorsports: Braking, Power-steering, Transmission actuation
  • Aerospace: Braking, Landing-gear, Flap actuation systems, Aeroengine controls
  • Off-Highway: Transmissions, Construction / Mining machinery
  • Industrial: Actuation systems for infrastructure or manufacturing

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