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Delmia Ortems

DELMIA Ortems - production planning of the latest generation

The DELMIA Ortems production planning software platform extends the functionality of traditional ERP systems and complements the DELMIA and DELMIA Apriso digital manufacturing solutions by providing the ability to optimize, plan and simulate alternatives in manufacturing plants by synchronizing production flows - from incoming raw materials to finished product. DELMIA Ortems is part of Dassault Systemes' DELMIA Digital Manufacturing family of solutions - DELMIA Apriso and DELMIA Quiniq.
Workflows in manufacturing shops are inherently unstable. A breakdown in a machine, labor and skill shortages, dynamically changing orders and supply chain disruptions can present the enterprise with a huge challenge in fulfilling critical orders. In such cases, DELMIA Ortems assists manufacturing engineers by providing production planning tools to analyze complex processes and provide an optimal production plan based on unlimited type simulations:
- "what if"
- dynamic interactive modifications
- impact analysis
- exception management and many other capabilities
As a final goal, DELMIA Ortems offers workflow solutions for on-time delivery and short and medium term production scheduling.

DELMIA Ortems is applied in the production process management of industrial enterprises, where fully synchronized production IT systems secure the connection between the different units of the enterprise, such as production planning, production and logistics. More than 16,000 users in over 60 countries from various industrial sectors such as: aerospace, automotive, household goods and pharmaceuticals use DELMIA Ortems to successfully manage their daily production tasks.

DELMIA Ortems Manufacturing Planner - a core module for strategic and tactical enterprise planning. Manufacturing Planner enables quick identification of production bottlenecks, allows for rapid schedule changes and "what if" simulations. Manufacturing Planner allows to optimize S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) or sales planning processes as well as MPS (Master Production Schedule) or Master Production Schedules processes. Manufacturing Planner is successfully used in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in large corporations with complex production processes. Download brochure:

Delmia Ortems Production Scheduler offers the ability to accurately schedule and integrate management of product and process constraints with multiple resources such as machines, tools and operators. Part of the DELMIA portfolio, Production Scheduler generates short-term optimization capabilities for custom or inventory-based production flows, resulting in better production cycles and quick responses to unforeseen situations. Production Scheduler software provides manufacturers, small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations with short-term optimization options for their order or inventory-based production flows.
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DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Resource Planner is a core module of the Ortems platform that is used to synchronize the flow of production materials against actual production capacities. The goal is to enable integration of demand and production at all levels in the company. The synchronized resource planning tool helps coordinate purchase and job orders, creates time tracking and forecasting of material kitting orders, allowing manufacturers to increase inventory and production capacity with production flow constraints.
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Ortems production planning software solution is a natural complement to all ERP systems on the market and can be easily integrated into any current information system. The Ortems Agile Manufacturing software scope communicates via a VIC solution with all ERP, MES and PLM systems - whether market standards or custom software products. This integration makes it possible to plan and manage equipment availability, human resources and raw materials. The APS and MES modules allow users to significantly improve operational efficiency in production, reduce high costs associated with scrap and enables dynamic data exchange between ERP systems and manufacturing information systems.

Benefits of using DELMIA Ortems:
- Improves supplier and customer relations and reduces lead times
- Optimizes productivity and reduces scrap
- Reduces production cycle times and workflow
- Anticipates and controls production workload fluctuations
- Improve flexibility in the face of unforeseen production demands
- Better forecasting through a simplified and intuitive user interface
- Easier and faster creation of work schedules
- Easy integration with MES and ERP systems
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How DELMIA Ortems and your ERP system - unleash the power of total control over manufacturing processes

Implementing an advanced planning and forecasting solution that integrates with your enterprise's ERP system will significantly improve manufacturing productivity. The main advantage is the creation of a single source of data that can be easily shared among all participants in the production process. This results in significant time savings that can be used to focus on higher value tasks, such as reviewing exceptions and efficiencies against set production goals. DELMIA Ortems provides you with production data, and this will improve your ability to respond to constraints and contingencies with an integrated advanced planning and forecasting solution:
1. Data is automatically transferred in digital format between process participants and between systems
2. ERP-based planning is dynamically linked to your company's other critical systems
3. Data is real-time, enabling effective planning and resolution of constraints and contingencies