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Equipment & Layout Engineer (ETR)
Equipment & Layout Engineer (ETR)
Design & validate tooling, machines, and layouts to build the Virtual Factory.

  • Reduce capital expenditures, accelerate production ramp-up and ultimately increase productivity with a virtual factory approach
  • Create a 3D layout model from an existing factory by importing a cloud of points
  • Design the new factory layout in 3D and export it for build
  • Simulate, validate and optimize mechanical equipment to accelerate start of production
  • Improve layout and equipment design to increase productivity

Included apps

                    2D Layout for 3D Design                    Design Review                    Material Definition
  3D Annotation Experience   Drafting   Mechanical Systems Design
  3D Printing   Equipment Design   Mfg Context Builder
  3D Templates Capture   Equipment Simulation   Part Design Essentials
  Assembly Design   Generative Wireframe & Surface   Plant Layout Design
  Component Family Definition   Interference Check   Product Structure
  Converter for IGES   Interference Finder   Quality Rules Reuse
  Converter for STEP        

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