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Maritime transport as a way to carry out international freight transport by sea is changing dynamically. Today's ships are now part of integrated transport and logistics systems connecting ports around the world. The requirements of the modern economy do not overlook these vehicles, the first to appear in the world but still some of the most impressive with their capacity, loadability and autonomy. The design of new ships today also fundamentally differs in its dynamics, ship requirements, integrated systems, and exceptional design and manufacturing budget constraints.

Dassault Systemes solutions, which allow an optimal balance between invested engineering work to achieve the desired ship characteristics, also come to respond to these aid requirements. The solutions that Dassault Systemes offers for shipbuilding engineers close the entire chain of ship design, manufacturing and legalization. 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA and DELMIA work in full synergy so that the ship designer is able to develop the concept of the new craft in extreme deadlines.

Dassault Systemes ship design software solutions make it possible to cover virtually all the needs of ship architects and designers, such as;
- modeling of ship hull shapes
- Ship calculations
- interior decoration and basic layout
- design of ship hulls (function oriented design, displacement, strength analysis, design of parts and assemblies, preparation of production)
- design of ship installations (wiring, cabling)
- production of production documentation
- managing joint projects

Modeling of ship corpus forms and calculations
From the ship's theoretical drawing to the detailed design of the ship's structure and the individual ship's structure
ship nodes, layout, wiring, wiring, and the creation of living quarters for the crew are being developed initially in the three dimensional space. Approving and admitting the individual stages of vessel design and construction is based on 3D models and their drawings CATIA makes it possible to build an accurate three-dimensional model of a vessel that can be used to conduct a simulation of the navigation features and characteristics of the individual components, their mutual geometric tolerance, the possibility of servicing through simulation of assembly and disassembly. The mathematical model underlying CATIA and modern advanced superstructures allow seamless creation of three-dimensional models with several thousand components to be developed simultaneously by a large number of designers.

Design of systems and installations
The design of systems and installations in the ship today occupies much of the overall design time. Projections of installations fall; routing of piping systems, air conditioning, wiring. The individual parts of an installation are created in parallel, as in the final phase they are combined into a single system by checking its completeness or by simulating its characteristics by conducting fluid or thermofluid simulations entirely in the CATIA working environment.

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