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DELMIA is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience. It is used by leading organizations in multiple industries to develop the products we see and use in our everyday lives.
DELMIA- for optimal production planning
DELMIA is an engineering software solution that allows you to plan, manage and optimize your production processes. DELMIA is a complete platform for performing virtual production simulations via 3D digital layouts, in which you can predict any type of assembly and disassembly and automation production operations without the need to invest in production systems and equipment. Only when your company's production engineers play out different options for the production process and choose the right configuration for the necessary operations, can you make the final decision on how your production line looks and start your investment program.
DELMIA is a solution that allows you to plan, manage and optimize your production processes. DELMIA is a complete platform for performing virtual production simulations via 3D digital layouts. With DELMIA, you can simulate and predict any type of automated manufacturing process without the need to invest in buying expensive manufacturing systems and equipment before it is clear if they meet the needs of your production. Only then, when your company's production engineers lose out on various production process options and select the right production line configuration, can you make the final decision on how it looks and start your investment program.
DELMIA belongs to the MPM (Manufacturing Process Management) solution category. It allows any type of simulation typical of manufacturing plants, such as;
- simulation of the operation of the line
- robotic processes
- assembly and dismantling activities, as well as the harmonization and optimization of all these activities in order to shorten the time to produce the finished product and to facilitate human labor. The main modules of DEELMIA are:
Robot Programming- Delmia Robotics
Through the set of features offered in the DELMIA Robotics upgrade is performed
simulation and programming of robots for different types of activities (offline programming). One typical application of DELMIA Robotics is the programming of welding robots for bodywork in the automotive industry. During the simulation, the accessibility of the welding robot to the designer's body points can be checked.
DELMIA Robotics also allows the simulation of the work cycle and the establishment of timing diagrams in a welding section or a whole group of robots.
Ergonomic checks at DELMIA Ergonomics
Ergonomic simulations can be performed at DELMIA Ergonomics, which can be used to fully verify individual activities of the user of a product or activities performed during manufacturing operations. By performing ergonomic simulations, the risk of an unintended collision with parts of the product can be appreciated, comfort can be significantly increased, and that certain repeated movements of human personnel during installation activities are permissible according to health standards .
Assembly Process Optimization - DELMIA Assembly Planning
One of the classic activities that uses the DELMIA program is its planning
optimization of production assembly processes. In these groups of activities, based on the three-dimensional models of the assembly line, of the assembled units, of the assembly robots, and of the personnel employed in the assembly. In this way, the operations required for the execution and inspection of the installation are recreated, seeking to reduce losses in unnecessary operations, avoiding activities that are hazardous to the health and life of the personnel and ensuring the quality of the assembled unit.

Industrial Engineering Transformation - DELMIA Virtual Build

DELMIA Virtual Build delivers a 3D experience for assembly planners to graphically plan, optimize and document the assembly process to accelerate the time to launch and time to volume. Elements of success include improving efficiency of the manufacturing plan, achieving first time right and shortening the learning curve for production workers.

DELMIA's portfolio of solutions allows you to radically change the work in your company. This includes;
- planning, modeling, inspection of production processes;
- synchronization of different production processes finding the optimal balance between them;
- design of production activities taking into account the three-dimensional models of machines, equipment and vehicles;
- simulation of realistic operations with the help of robots and CNC machines;
simulation of manual operations, staff actions, including ergonomic analysis;
planning operations;
- design of product quality control processes;
- modeling of production flows and logistics of enterprises;
- modeling, inspection and optimization of maintenance and repair processes;
- creation of technological documentation.
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