MACHINE BUILDING - HAYCAD INFOTECH - Engineering and business solutions
CATIA is the World's Leading Solution for Product Design and Experience. It is used by leading organizations in multiple industries to develop the products we see and use in our everyday lives.
The radical change in the machinery industry over the past 25 years, the introduction of stringent standards, the strong competition from manufacturers around the world, the increased requirements of the customers of machine tools have led to the need for a radical change in the approach of machine and machine development. This new System approach requires appropriate engineering and business systems that are able to unify and synchronize key information flows within the company. The goal is to help make the most accurate decisions possible from the company's management on the basis of up-to-date, traceable and true information.
Most often this information is related to global technological trends, product development, product strategy of your company, the requirements of your customers and, last but not least, the innovations offered by your development engineers. This task is borne by PLM systems, such as 3DEXPERIENCE. Using 3DEXPERIENCE, the information in your company can be structured in a way that allows it to be analyzed and taken into account when making strategic business decisions for the proper development of your company.
With its CAD CAM PLM solutions, Dassault Systemes offers a unique range of state-of-the-art tools for engineers designing modern machine-building equipment.
Using design systems and best practices from other industry sectors, Dassault Systemes' engineering solutions based on the 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA, and DELMIA platforms are becoming an extremely valuable tool. With their help, it is possible not only to achieve the functional requirements for the machine being produced but also the possibility to develop the projects;
- perfect organization of the design and technical documentation
- control of deadlines until end-user equipment is issued
- tracking costs.
Through the unique capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, project managers get the following capabilities;
- Always have at any place in the world the most up-to-date information on the current state of the project
- stop or accelerate individual subassemblies
- Use successful constructive solutions from previous projects
- At all times, the machine is compatible with the applicable standards
- reduce costs