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Challenges for Energy industry today
Energy and related energy sources are key factors in the development of the economies of countries and continents. Achieving maximum efficiency, that is to say, the amount of energy generated by energy sources, is the focus of designer, energy and engineer development. In order for it to be possible to "play" different configurations of an energy installation before the final building decision is taken, it is necessary to build virtual plant and plant models and to carry out the possible preliminary simulations. The use of powerful virtual design CAD applications is an inalienable part of any project to develop power plants. Through the realistic presentation of the power plant, designers strive to gain the confidence of the investors investing in a facility. In order for an energy project to be successful, the designer and later operating team must have the necessary knowledge and experience to manage large capital projects with large assets, regular maintenance and operation processes, costs. These activities are now largely taken over by Life Cycle Management software for the components of a plant or installation.
Dassault Systemes offers system solutions for companies designing power plants and plants based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, with the main applications used by designers from the product lines CATIA, SIMULIA and DELMIA. The systemic approach typical of sectoral solutions based on Business Worlds is also embedded in the configuration used by companies operating in the field of energy.

In order to be able to create an energy project, it is necessary to design and use an experimental group that needs to seek the necessary knowledge and try to manage large capital projects. In this type of project, it is especially important to seek maintenance and use the energy that should be used to protect the environment and last but not least. Ongoing activities are nowadays largely undertaken by software systems for lifecycle management. They can be trusted on all critical components in an installation.

Dassault Systemes offers system solutions for companies designing power plants and power plants based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the main applications used by designers being CATIA, SIMULIA and DELMIA product lines. The systematic approach typical of industry decisions based on the Industrial Worlds business is also enshrined in the configuration used for companies operating in the energy sector.

3D design of energy installations
The design of complex energy installations, systems and individual parts can be significantly accelerated by building conceptual designs directly in the form of a three-dimensional model in accordance with the particularities of the architectural substrate or the chosen site. Already in this initial phase, errors occurring due to geometric incompatibility with the given data can be avoided, as well as errors that are most often detected in the very advanced phase of the project. 3DEXPERIENCE and CATIA allow all technical information describing the technical design for the development of an energy facility to be created and stored in a single system with complete traceability of the information.

Creating a detailed 3D model in CATIA allows you to "play" a large number of variants and configurations before selecting the most optimal solution. CATIA is the most widespread virtual design solution in the world, especially for complex applications that require the assembly of units containing several thousand elements.

CATIA Systems & Installations- Design of pipe systems
The CATIA Systems & Installations platform includes all CATIA modules providing a complete set of tools for virtual creation, verification and optimization of systems and installations projects in the housing and capital construction, chemical, oil and refining industries, shipbuilding and construction. any kind of industrial installations with high complexity and requirements for environmental friendliness and reliability. The working environment of the program allows for the rapid creation of the 3D model, as well as its modification. Powerful tools for checking the installation and its optimization, carried out entirely in 3D, allow virtual experiments to be carried out before expensive expensive equipment is ordered and built. installation - risks that less and less prectant bureaus want to take on. That is why today it is becoming increasingly common to rely on Virtual Design and Computer Simulation and Validation of Installation Features.

Features of Systems & Installations in a nutshell
- Installation of the installation is carried out according to strict standardized rules
- Numbering of pipe components for accurate installation specification, search and documentation
- Automatic control of whether the installation is closed
- Setting standardized components such as fans, valves, pumps, etc.
- Ability to easily change an already installed installation while maintaining the links between sites

DELMIA- Virtual planning of planned energy repairs
DELMIA allows for any type of simulation typical of manufacturing plants, such as simulating the operation of production lines, robotic processes, assembly and dismantling activities, as well as the harmonization and optimization of all these activities in order to reduce the production time of the finished product. and facilitating human labor. Particularly important in NPPs, for example, when replacing fuel elements in a reactor. In DELMIA in any environment close to the CAD system, any type of repair or maintenance work performed with the help of personnel or with the help of robotic systems can be planned and simulated.

Based on the three-dimensional models presented, the power installation and the individual assembled units in it, as well as the personnel employed in the installation, recreate the operations necessary for performing and checking the installation, seeking to reduce losses in unnecessary operations, avoiding dangerous for health and life staff activities and ensure the quality of the assembled unit. Thus, the risk of installation and dismantling activities in the construction of new energy installations, as well as in carrying out planned repairs can be assessed and thus minimized. By simulating critical activities in the installation through digitally presented operator models, the risk to staff health can be reduced and virtually eliminated.

3DEXPERIENCE and Industrial World applications in Energy
3DEXPERIENCE can be applied to virtually any type of process in energy companies. With 3DEXPERIENCE centralized storage of all the information accompanying the project is achieved. Critical components that are subject to rigorous control are stored in a centralized 3DEXPERIENCE database, and their life cycle is tracked in great detail.
The most important of these processes are briefly:
- Efficient operation of energy facilities, both in traditional and non-traditional energy;
- Optimized construction process - reducing costs and faster construction of facilities;
- Integrated operation process - Helps achieve productivity, reliability and safety while reducing delays and costs;
- Safe decommissioning - Ensuring safety and environmental protection.

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