About us

Haycad Infotech Ltd. is an engineering company established in 2008 by a team of experts in the field of innovative technical products and systems development. We have completed many successful projects for Bulgarian and foreign companies. From the very beginning of our activity, we focused to provide the most advanced engineering methods using modern methodologies and software for virtual 3D design and computer simulations. All of this is subject to our main goal - to achieve the best possible performance of the products we developed in the shortest possible time.

The need for modernization of the Bulgarian industrial enterprises on the one hand and the intensive cooperation with international companies on the other led to the need for a complete renovation of the technologies and production tools. This has driven the necessity to implement modern digital software technologies to achieve full compatibility with the network of international companies. Together with our long-term technology partner Dassault Systemes, we offered to the Bulgarian companies specific solutions for upgrading the software systems used in R&D, production, logistics, financial planning and project management. Our implemented solutions are based on the product lines developed by Dassault Systemes: CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA and 3DEXPERIENCE.