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Aviation and Defense
Do digital technologies have a place in the Defense Industry?
The defense industry today goes far beyond the classical notion of it. The scientific, technological and production potential of a country is becoming increasingly important to guarantee national security and defense. Powerful computer systems, innovative software programs characterize the workplace of much-employed personnel in the armies around the world. Innovation and new technologies, the introduction of modern products and systems help to improve the defense capabilities of individual countries. Leading global manufacturers of defense technology have evaluated for years the need and benefits of implementing IT systems for project and development tracking, as well as the use of advanced three-dimensional design systems. The success of defense modernization projects is measurable over long periods of time and requires a new, centralized approach to systematize, archive and provide access to information related to technologies, materials, and suppliers used.

Dassault Systemes - a longtime partner of the aviation and defense industry
Dassault Systèmes is a traditional partner of defense industry companies and military aircraft, military transport, or naval companies. Examples of military aircraft are Airbus, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Embraer, Dassault Aviation, Dry, SAAB Aeronautics, and many more.
With its specific knowledge of the processes and methods of developing innovative components and systems for the defense industry, Dassault Systèmes has become one of the greatest integrators of knowledge for the entire process - from the initial conceptual phase, through production planning to virtual process planning. decommissioning and recycling. For example:; PLM platforms based on, for example, 3DEXPERIENCE, it is possible to integrate a large number of professionals and suppliers working on a product or system into a single communication platform.

Technology leadership based on 3DEXPERIENCE - a guarantee for the success of the development program
Following the example of other industrial and aviation and defense sectors, 3DEXPERIENCE is gaining importance. Methodologies for operating and managing processes through standardized Product Lifecycle Management are identified by industry professionals as one of the most important prerequisites for the success of a development program. 3DEXERIENCE-based solutions enable complete control over the execution of individual sub-tasks, compliance with deadlines, and adherence procedures. Thus the important security factor regarding intellectual property inaccessibility and inviolability is also guaranteed in 3DEXPERIENCE. 3DEXERIENCE allows complete control of access to information while allowing authorized access to project information by all participants in the development program.

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE- An innovative 3D design toolkit
CATIA is the solution that Dassault Systèmes offers to engineers at defense engineering companies to solve their developmental tasks. Using one of the most well-known CAD products in the world, it is possible to take into account in an accessible and accurate manner the defense industry-specific requirements of the concept design prior to production documentation being prepared. The three-dimensional models created in CATIA can be used for various purposes in the process of developing new products, machines or systems, such as performing strength or thermofluid simulations, simulations of assembly and disassembly activities, or conducting virtual training without the need for virtual training. physical prototype.

By achieving complete data synchronization between the 3DEXPERIENCE and the CATIA CAD application, it is now possible to accurately assess whether all requirements for the developed parts, units and systems are met and whether the current standards are met. It is possible to reproduce various options for changing the requirements and their impact on the behavior of the final product, its manufacturability and cost.

SIMULIA-FEM analyzes of components and systems with high reliability
The use of SIMULIA to simulate any kind of strength problems based on the ABAQUS solver as a built-in solution in CATIA or as a stand-alone program allows for strength, thermal and dynamic simulations and analyzes. Especially in the case of critical components or assemblies subject to stringent requirements for their reliability, something typical of aeronautical and defense engineering, SIMULIA offers a wide range of features for correct reproduction of boundary conditions and component loads and accurate simulation in order to prevent possible accidents and endanger human lives.

DELMIA- Digital factory
DELMIA is a system solution developed by Dassault Systemes for production planning that works entirely on three-dimensional models. A complete three-dimensional model of the production line or of the entire production plant, of the assembled units produced, and even of virtual models of working staff is created. Because of its complete orientation to digitally represented models, this planning approach is known as Digital Manufacturing. DELMIA belongs to the MPM (Manufacturing Process Management) solution category. It allows for any type of simulation typical of manufacturing plants, such as simulating the operation of production lines, robotic processes, assembly and dismantling activities, as well as the harmonization and optimization of all these activities in order to shorten the production time of the finished product. , alleviation of human labor, as well as preliminary forecasting and checking for possible mistakes made by the working personnel during installation and dismantling operations related to critical components and installations. With DELMIA, significant benefits can be achieved in order to:
1. Shortening the time for putting a new product into production
2. Reducing the time to reach the optimum load of production capacity to achieve the set production volumes, quality and cost
3. Avoidance of marriage due to errors in the manufacturing or assembly process
4. Possibilities for rapid simulation of possible changes in production without the need for practical experiments
5. Reducing human intervention

Virtual reality training and support
3DEXPERIENCE family solutions allow virtual worlds known only years ago from the world of electronic gaming, in combination with built-in 3D models, to provide virtual training to virtual pilots, naval personnel, or complex military installations operators. Fully realistic reproduction of manipulation systems, control panels allow safe experiments and training to be carried out until the required level of personnel qualification or critical situations are played without risking human lives or the loss of expensive equipment.