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Bulgarian innovations against Kovid-19: Dental lasers helping dentists
Bulgarian innovations against Kovid-19: Dental lasers helping dentists
Haycad Infotech, the Bulgarian partner of the world software leader Dassault Systems, presents the activities of Bulgarian companies that have created innovative technologies with the help of the software solutions provided to them. These innovations can help us continue to work, live and heal normally in the context of the COVID-19.

The pandemic raises the question of how to continue to treat patients without risking their health and the health of the dentists. What are the risks:

- virus-carrying aerosols,

- induced bleeding during treatment and subsequent contamination of surfaces,

- use of many aids and tools,

- prolonged, close contact between patient, dentist and support staff

The solution - use of dental lasers offered by the Bulgarian company "Optics Laser". The company, which has a successful history of over 30 years, produces specialized dental medical equipment worldwide. All of its products have been developed in collaboration with renowned experts in medicine and dentistry and have undergone a series of long clinical trials.

Dental laser treatment has been established in the world for years, although it is widespread mainly in the circles of dentists with appropriate qualifications. In addition to exceptional medical results, the use of dental lasers provides the following advantages;

Reduces the need to use medications and various tools

Limits the formation of aerosols

Reduces the time of immediate intensive contact with the patient to 15-20 seconds per pocket (distance between the gum and the tooth).

For many dental offices, the dental lasers of the Bulgarian company "Optics Laser" will give the chance to continue the treatment of their patients with an extremely limited risk of infection with Kovid-19.
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