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Cast & Forged Part Optimizer 2 (CFO)
Cast & Forged Part Optimizer 2 (CFO)
CATIA - Cast & Forged Part Optimizer 2 (CFO) is an new add-on for Part Design 2 (PDG) dedicated to the detailed design of molded & forged parts. CATIA - Cast & Forged Part Optimizer 2 (CFO) delivers advanced part design functions that extend the power of Dress-up features. These advanced functions are based on innovative and unique patented technology that provides significant gains in quality and productivity. Dedicated to the Casting and Forging process, this new add-on is totally integrated into the entire CATIA V5 application portfolio. Users can finish their design with CATIA - Part Design 2 (PDG), avoiding the need to make repetitive use of Surface & Wireframe operations. The user benefits from improved robustness, higher productivity (fewer clicks), greater stability following design changes, and a reduction in prerequisite learning activity.

Product Highlights

  • Gives users robustness and productivity
  • Provides a new competitive usability on the market by delivering advanced functionalities dedicated to Casting and Forging processes
  • Extends CATIA portfolio to cover final design steps and contributes to the end-to-end process

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