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Dassault Systemes at the largest event in the world of agriculture
Dassault Systemes at the largest event in the world of agriculture
This week, there is a big event in the agricultural world called SIMA Paris, dedicated to innovations and solutions for farmers in Paris. It is a unique opportunity for AgreenCulture to showcase its new innovation, an autonomous farming robot accelerated by our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab.
Objective : To reduce pesticides spread on the fields.

As the farming robot has been designed & engineered with CATIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, is was easy to create an immersive experience to explain the audience how it works. The 3DExperience shows the different part of the robot, how it is managing security in case you are close to it, how it farms in the field and with a control room how the system works globally with the fence borders.
And it's working very well during the event, it's an amazing way to promote your innovation ! Many people could enjoy the experience, including the Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau ​​​​​​​ !

3D is a new #Marketing media for higher engagement with the audience : Using 3DEXCITE CreativeExperience App on the 3Dx platform, the team repurposed the engineering 3D model, beautified and optimized it, add the context, the behaviors and the scenario and you play it in VR ! In few weeks the project came to life, with an objective to be easy enough so that everyone in a trade show could handle the VR Headset and play with it to understand the innovations and the usages in context ! The farming world is innovative and fun !

The project managed by Sebastien Rosel Stephane Dupasquier and Hortense Serreau with the support of @nicolas kiraly David Nahon and the 3DEXCITE team. With Christophe Aubé Laetitia Guezennec and Nadia Aouaal

"At Dassault Systèmes, we are not doing Fake Life Metaverse for playing but Real life Universes for good.", the company says.
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