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DELMIA Robotics - Design, Validate, and Program Robotics Work Cells with Speed and Accuracy
DELMIA Robotics - Design, Validate, and Program Robotics Work Cells with Speed and Accuracy
Robots are widely used in manufacturing today, from pick and place robots to complex and flexible robot systems working in massive production lines. While this automation can improve consistency and manufacturing output, it is not always planned in an optimum way to get the most out of the equipment and the people who interact with them. What’s more, changes in products and processes can be difficult to handle, delaying product updates and improvements while robots are being reprogrammed and tested.

DELMIA’s Robotics solution solves this problem by providing a simple and powerful way to layout 3D virtual manufacturing environment and use them to simulate the new or existing production processes. With accurate and early validation, manufacturers can design, install and ramp up robotic systems with confidence that they will perform as expected.

How Robotics Software Can Improve Manufacturing
The DELMIA Robotics solution is an industry-proven approach that facilitates the validation of production systems and robot programming, in context, within a 3D collaborative environment before the production system is built. It offers a flexible and easy solution for defining robotic work cells with tooling and other auxiliary equipment, programming and optimizing the robots, and ultimately simulating the entire manufacturing environment and product flow.

The software accelerates the launch of new facilities, and makes it easier to manage change when products or processes are updated. Manufacturers in many industries use the DELMIA solution to validate robot processes such as drilling & riveting, arc welding, spot welding, material handling, paint, sealant application and shot-peening. The solution provides capabilities such as collision detection, cycle-time analysis, and simulation of the whole robotic process.

But DELMIA goes beyond programming the robots themselves. Engineers can use robot simulations to show how well product and tool designs work together in a process, how efficiently available space is utilized, and even how people interact with the equipment in the work space.

DELMIA’s application supports a wide range of industrial robots, and is used by many companies to achieve a standard enterprise approach to robotics programming. With DELMIA, manufacturers can validate production concepts, reduce cycle times, and improve all aspects of implementing and programming robot system and tools.

DELMIA’s Robotics Solution enables manufacturers to:

  • Validate processes before the start of production
  • Reduce re-work during the build phase
  • Maximize manufacturing flexibility and easily adapt to changing production requirements
  • Avoid costly mistakes and delays by getting it right the first time
  • Increase productivity and maximize resource utilization
  • Fully exploit the agility of robotic systems to optimize robot processes
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