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Mechatronic Systems Designer (SMQ)
Mechatronic Systems Designer (SMQ)
  • Multi-physic dynamic systems modeling, simulation and validation with full 3D associativity
  • Leverage the open Modelica standard to create rich systems models that are fully associative with rich 3D mechanical models
  • Powerful physic-based 3D kinematic simulation and analysis
  • Rich integration, simulation & co-simulation 3DEXPERIENCE platform that supports over 30 simulators through the open Modelica and FMI standards
  • Fast & complete convergence between multiple engineering domains encompassing Requirement Management tightly coupled to the Functional and Logical composition of systems

Included apps

                    2D Layout for 3D Design                    Drafting                    Mechanical Systems Design
  3D Annotation Experience   Electrical Systems Design   Mechanical Systems Experience
  3D Templates Capture   Functional & Logical Design   Natural Assembly
  Assembly Design   Functional Part Design   Natural Shape
  Behavior Experience   Generative Wireframe & Surface   Part Design Essentials
  Behavior Modeling   Interference Check   Piping & Tubing Systems Design
  Converter for IGES    Interference Finder    Product Structure  
  Converter for STEP   Material Definition   Quality Rules Reuse
  Design Review   Symbol Design    

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