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Frequently asked questions

How to Install CATIA V5
1. Go to:
2. Select "Access Your Download."
3. Log in using your Dassault credentials.
4. Select V5.
5. Select the appropriate Release year and select Golden from the Level drop-down menu
6. Find the required edition of CATIA (PLM Express, P3, P2, or P1).
Haikad Infotech does not recommend the suspension of license fees for the CATIA product, although the user company has the right to make such a decision. Suspension of these fees no longer permits receipt of regular updates to the CATIA software. This results in an inability to operate in the automotive supply chain due to incompatibility of file formats of each higher version of the product to the previous one.

It is important to know the regular update to a higher version in automotive OEMs takes place annually or every two years. CATIA version upgrades at automotive OEMs are coordinated globally and followed by automatic version change at all major automotive OEM vendors. We recommend that before a decision is made to suspend license fees, this is coordinated with the central IT department of the respective user company as well as with the major supplier companies.

If the decision is made to suspend license fees and the CATIA product needs to be updated, this will result in the payment of annual fees for all years in which the product was not maintained or re-purchased. Most often this is financially unprofitable.
If you have licenses with an expiration of 5 years, you should have licenses in TOS (termination of support). If the problem is happening now the possible causes could be more than one:

1- You have a problem with the license server. It is possible it is not working or some similar problem.
2- You have installed a new version of CATIA, but since their licenses are TOS, CATIA will not work. You need to use the highest version of CATIA V5-6R2022 or 2021
3- There is a time difference between the license server and the client, if this difference is greater than 2 hours, CATIA will not work.
Generating a single license that can be used for both Wi-Fi and docking station operation in CATIA is not possible due to Dassault's licensing policies. However, we do offer two alternative solutions to address your needs:

Solution 1: Server License With a server license, all the necessary licenses would be hosted on a server machine. When your employees use a docking station, their laptops will connect to the license server, allowing CATIA to function. When they leave the office, they can temporarily check out a license as an offline license, with a maximum duration of 30 days. If needed, this offline license duration can be customized to 1 or 2 days, depending on your specific requirements. When your employees return to the office, they can return the license to the license server. If a user checks out a license for a specific period, for instance, 2 days, and does not return to the office during this time, the license will automatically deactivate on their laptop and become active on the license server.

Solution 2: Nodelock License With a nodelock license, we can tie the license to the Ethernet card of each individual laptop. Your employees can disable the docking station's network card when it's not in use and connect their laptop's Ethernet card to your network. CATIA will operate seamlessly with this configuration. It's important to note that your employees would need to make a one-time setting adjustment on their laptops. By default, laptops may disable the network card to conserve power when not connected to Ethernet. This setting should be configured to ensure the network card remains active at all times.

Both of these solutions aim to provide the flexibility and convenience you require while still utilizing your existing licensing setup. If you have further questions or need assistance with the implementation of either solution, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
There are two solutions to this problem:

1. Network License: You can obtain a network license generated from one of your servers. When using the docking station, you'll access the license server. Before disconnecting your laptop from the docking station, you can take an offline network license for a set period (e.g., one or two days). This ensures uninterrupted access to CATIA in both scenarios.

2. Network Card Configuration: If possible, you can disable the network card on the docking station and configure your system to use your laptop's network card. This way, you can generate the license based on your laptop's network card, resolving the issue.
The issue arises due to the use of different network cards when working locally and with a docking station. The docking station typically has its network card, causing CATIA to generate licenses based on that card when in use. When working locally, your laptop uses its network card with a different target ID, causing CATIA to not run in this scenario.

More often than not, CATIA V5 users save their models in the correct release. The release number is often defined after the version number, for example CATIA version 5, release number 20 would be known as CATIA V5R20.


Table of content:
- Save and Release
- Current Releases still in Use:
- What happens If You Try to Open a CATIA V5 File in a lower Release?



It is important that users working in collaboration with customers, suppliers, and other users ensure that all models are saved in the same version and release of CATIA.
CATIA is only backwards compatible, meaning that if the user saves a file in CATIA V5R20, they would no longer be able to open the models in an earlier release such as CATIA V5R18. The naming format changes with later releases of CATIA V5 which are compatible with ENOVIA V6. These release numbers are defined in a format whereby the year of release is identified; e.g. CATIA V5-6R2015. In this example, the version of CATIA is still V5 and the release can be ‘nicknamed’ R25.



CATIA V5-6R2012 (V5R22)
CATIA V5-6R2013 (V5R23)
CATIA V5-6R2014 (V5R24)
CATIA V5-6R2015 (V5R25)
CATIA V5-6R2016 (V5R26)
CATIA V5-6R2017 (V5R27)
CATIA V5-6R2018 (V5R28)



The image below shows a typical error message obtained when a user tries to open a CATIA V5 file in a lower release than it was last saved in:



In order to determine which release of CATIA V5 was last saved in.......


Find the .CATPart file (smaller in size the better) and open it in a notepad:

Ensuring the mouse cursor is at the top line, perform a find (CRTL+F) and search for string “save”:

Upon pressing “Find Next”, find the line which states your release:

In the above example, this particular CATIA V5. CATPart file was last saved in CATIA V5-6R2018 (CATIA V5R28), thus can only be opened on this release or higher.

LUM Common Problems - Link
Most of the companies have recognized that modules MCE, FPE, KAE and HDX contribute the most to ease of everyday use of CATIA, and by using these modules engineers can best respond to the challenges they face in the design process. MCE module enables advanced functions within the Part Design and Assembly Design interface, FPE module is used to work with sheetmetal and with welds, while KAE module allows parametric design.
Софтуерният лиценз е юридически обект, койтоо дава възможност на потребителя да използва и / или разпространява определен софтуер. По-голямата част от софтуерните лицензи са под формата на поредица от букви, цифри или и двете, обикновено уникални за конкретен потребител или група потребители. Някои програми могат да се лицензират и чрез лицензен файл за определени операционни системи.
Софтуерът на Dassault Systmes се лицензира чрез лицензен файл. Самият файл управлява колко потребители имат право да използват софтуера и / или какви функции на софтуера са налични. В TECHNIA по-голямата част от нашите клиенти ще получат лиценз за конзола за управление на потребителски лицензи на IBM (LUM), конзола за Dassault Systmes License Server (DSLS) и конзола за управление на Flex License Management.
1. Ensure a Dassault Systmes product is installed (e.g CATIA V5)

2. Browse to C:ProgramDataDassaultSystemesLicenses

NOTE: If the “Licenses” folder does not exist, browse to C:ProgramDataDassaultSystemes and create a NEW FOLDER called “Licenses”.

3. Inside the Licenses folder, open DSLicSrv.txt
NOTE: If the “DSLicSrv.txt” text file does not exist, create a TEXT DOCUMENT called “DSLicSrv”.

4. In the text file “DSLicSrv”, enter the required information in the following format::

NOTE: The ServerName should be entered exactly as it is named. The licensing port by default is 4085, please use 4085 (Unless this was changed during installation). E.g. If the License server is called “server_1” the text file should have a line “server_1:4085”. If there is an additional server, e.g. server_2, simply enter it in the next line.

5. Save the text file and proceed to open your DS Application

Can’t connect to the license server? Check the following…

A. Is Window’s firewall off on both the client and server?
B. Can you ping the server?
C. Have you got the latest DSLS?
D. Is the spelling of the server name and/or port number correct?
За да извчлечете Target ID на Вашия компютър, запознайте се със следващото видео:

Метода за извличане на TargetID важи за всички апликации на Dassault Systemes.

За извличането на програмата се използва програмата свалете програмата DSLS target ID executable от следната страница:
Please copy the licences received onto the computer.

Note: Do not place in C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\Licenses

1. Create Licenses Folder in C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes (if this doesn’t already exist).
Note: If current licences already exists in the Licences folder, please delete these now.

2. Start > Programs > CATIA > Tools > Nodelock Key management V5-6R20XX

3. Click File > Import

4. Select the license (placed on the desktop) then click Open

The enrolled license will show up in the list afte
There is no major difference between CATIA V5 Student Editionand its corresponding commercial license. From a capacity point of view, they are identical but produced parts and products are watermarked, making them unusable with a commercial license.
Щракнете Start > All Programs > CATIA (or CATIA PLM Express)> Tools > Nodelock Key Management (DSLS) V5-6R20XX

2. Щракнете върху раздела Offline Management Tab
3. Активирайте Refresh

4. Щракнете върху желания лиценз и задайте периода, за който този лиценз да бъде запазен офлайн на тази машина.


Инсталация на лицензния сървър на Dassault Systemes DSLS не е възможна на виртуална машина. Това е описано и в техническите харектеристики на DSLS сървъра. Тези ограничения имат техническо, но и юридическо естество и са свързани с ограничаване на нерегламентираното и непроследимото ползване на продуктите на Dassault Systemes.